This week has lasted a couple of days. Whoooooosh…. one minute it was Monday morning and now its the weekend! How did that happen?

I’ve been having a good old think about the things that count as you do when something in your life goes belly up! We’ve had a mini crisis this week (and only a very minor hiccup in the scheme of things) but nothing that can keep us down for long.

I don’t know if I’m alone in my disaster planning, but I will often play out a scenario in my head of what to do in the event of various disasters. In this fictitious planning session, the Major is always absent and I am forced to cope and plan, whereas anyone that knows me can confirm, when in a tight spot, I would probably cry in the corner and then make tea and toast when it was all over.

The scenarios I envisage are these; Burglary (hide under the bed and with phone on silent, text the police and our neighbour who has a big dog and a baseball bat) Fire (gather up the children, lob a mattress out of the widow and hurl them onto it) Alien Invasion (befriend the long fingered, single eyed aggressors, while plotting from within to overthrow them).

Well, I arrived home this week, to find that the combination of incessant rain and a very leaky roof had finally created the perfect conditions for devastation. The ceiling had collapsed. Not quite alien invasion, but just as messy. I had no idea just how much grime, sludge, dust, muck and filth was lurking above the ancient plaster. I do now, as it is distributed across two of our three bedrooms, with a good smattering in the hallway and down the stairs for good measure. 

At first, I was shocked, taken aback by the mess and the smell, then came the inevitable tears followed by a swell of panic as I considered what we might have lost. Racing up the stairs, with wellies squelching en route, I didn’t once consider the furnishings, clothes, or mountain of electrical goods, no, my panic was solely for my box of photographs stored on top of a wardrobe and our collection of framed prints from our many jaunts to places we hold dear. By some miracle, they were intact, a little soggy maybe, a little smudged, but nothing a good going over with a hairdryer and a brief spell in the airing cupboard won’t cure… I felt instant relief and happiness.  Nothing replaceable matters, but our precious box of memories and a framed post card that the kids bought from a museum when they were little, well, that was everything.

I have lost count of the number of trips that we have made to the tip with sludge coated belongings nestling inside bin bags, I know it’s a fair few, as I’m now on first name times with the man that runs the site, ‘Morning Derek!’

I celebrated World Book Day by heading over to BBC Radio Bristol for an interview on the John Darvall Show, I’m on about 2 hours 10 minutes in.

I spent the latter part of the week in London, meeting with some fab glossy magazine editors, looking at bits and pieces for the coming year, which is very, very exciting.

This is my last weekend in the UK for a while as I am off to Hong Kong, then Australia and then New Zealand, promoting books! We are leaving on Tuesday. I have the familiar knot in my stomach at leaving the boys for a few weeks, even though they don’t seem remotely fussed and are in the very capable hands of my mum (who will spoil them stupid). I don’t like being away from them, especially so far away.

I hope your next week is good, disaster free and full of good things. I’m off to meet my best buddy for a bit of a catch up and a cup of green tea.

Love and Luck,

Mandy xx