YES! This is the only way to describe me this week. I think it is almost entirely down to my new energy levels. Losing weight and getting fitter (my ‘a bit trimmer and fitter than I was yesterday, every day’ plan) is really working. I can only describe it as similar to when you wake up after a week with a nasty bug and you start to feel better and when you feel COMPLETELY healed you want to jump up and punch the sky! Well, it’s like that. I can see that poor nutrition has been making me feel sluggish and weak and I am loving this new energy packed motor that is powering me now.  Onwards and upwards.

It was lovely to catch up with the team at LBC 97.3 this week. Here’s the link for anyone that wants to listen to me with Iain Dale on the LBC book club.

They are such a fabulous team of people; it always feels like going for a catch up with good friends rather than work. Thank you LBC – my radio is tuned for Tuesday when you go NATIONAL!!! Whoop whoop! X

It’s been a writing week for me and I have been hitting the keyboard with vigour. Heaven and Back is finished! Hurray! And I LOVE it! Apologies to my very tolerant family who know that when I’m in the zone, everything else goes by the way side. I am still reeling from the fact I sent my son on a school trip with no packed lunch – anyone that has read Poppy Day, will know why this upset me so much. Can’t wait until I can show you the cover, which is beautiful – I think Ami my cover designer just gets better and better.

Next week is busy – Monday I am honoured to be visiting St.Peter’s Hospice in Bristol to meet the fabulous people doing a wonderful job for the people of the South West. I am really looking forward to that. Then Tuesday Londinium before flying over to Ireland to do some breakfast telly with TV3 – to talk A Little Love! Then a quick bookshop tour and home. Then it’s more interviews, more writing and start preparing to head back to Australia and New Zealand… Good job I’ve got all this new energy eh?

I am delighted to announce that I will be holding ‘an evening with Amanda Prowse’ on March 4th at Devizes book shop, where wine, nibbles, books and book talk shall be the order of the night, I can’t wait!  Phone:01380 725944 for ticket information!

On a personal note – can I wish my lovely friend Allison Williams all the love and luck in the world tomorrow when she gets to meet her new baby! Ally is one half of AmandaProwseFans and she is the most incredible supporter of my stories and of me, for which I am extremely grateful. She has two beautiful sons already and I can’t wait to cuddle the new addition!  X

I’ve been thinking about my lovely Nan a lot this week. At the strangest of moments, in the car, on a train and sitting in the kitchen, I have glimpsed her in my mind. It’s been comforting to see her smiling at me and upsetting as I miss her so very much.  It brought to mind what Dorothea says to her granddaughter Poppy, ‘no one really leaves you, not for good. They are always there, keeping an eye, you just have to know where to look for them…’ I’ll keep looking Nan.

So Valentines Day on Friday - I shall do the usual; fill the house with heart shaped things and chocolate and cards for everyone, which they will totally ignore and maybe grunt at in passing…  Last year I was in a bit of a huff as my efforts had gone ignored again, when my 17 year old came downstairs. I pointed at the balloons and said, ‘Look! Valentine’s Day! This is me telling you how much I love you all!’  He looked up and then at me, before muttering, ‘I love you every day, don’t need to get you a bloody balloon to tell you that…’ I thought my heart might burst!

I send you love this week, by the bucket load.

Mandy x