Back in Blighty this week and once again its good to be home! Quite horrified by all the flooding, even beautiful Bristol has had areas of water damage around the swollen river etc, although nothing compared to what’s occurred on the Somerset Levels. My hearts and prayers are with everyone affected. It’s an awful thing to happen in your home, truly devastating. 

And boy has it been cold! Bbrrrrrr…. Think I’m a little out of practice at being in this colder clime – I know, I know, no sympathy deserved. I’ve spent about 3 weeks in the UK in last 6 months, but thankfully am here for a month before I pack up my rucksack and take to the road again. I shall make the very most of every day here. Yesterday, I walked around Bristol with my best friend, we took the hills with gusto, meandered the markets and stopped on the harbourside for herbal tea – one of those fab days where the miles passed quickly under our feet, the chatter flowed and we laughed, a lot. Bliss.

Today is my beautiful nephew Noah’s 3rd birthday party – it will be a packed house at my mum’s. I have bought a three tier plastic cake that lights up, sings happy birthday and dances, I think I have a good chance of winning the favourite present of the day award! I also suspect it may one of those whose batteries mysteriously disappear after an hour to save everyone’s sanity! Happy Birthday, beautiful boy.

I am so pleased with my new novel Heaven & Back – it’s a corker and MUST come with a tissue warning! I have had seen a sneak preview of the cover and it’s a beauty – can’t wait for the big reveal.  A Little Love - has received some awesome reviews, which is wonderful! Thank you! And my new shorty out this week, Ten Pound Ticket doing great - so again Thank You! I can’t tell you how it makes me feel to read such wonderful reviews and feedback, it makes me feel so proud, but also connected to all my readers like nothing else. I love this international community of book lovers, united across seas and miles by a common love of words and pages – how brilliant is that?

I have two fabulous events coming up and would dearly love to see any of you at either. The first is an afternoon at Monmouth Priory on March 9th – where I shall be speaking as part of the Monmouth Women’s Festival – the setting will be the STUNNING Monmouth Priory and we shall be chatting about A Little Love and general bookish gossip over afternoon tea – how lovely!  Join me if you can – tickets here . I am also holding an evening of chat and vino on March 4th in Devizes at the fabulous Devizes Book Shop – more details this week, but if you’re close enough, pop it in your diary, it would be lovely to see you!

And now…. drum roll please…. The update on the ‘reclaiming ‘me’ fitness and getting fabulous regime of 2014!’  I am very pleased to report that I have lost a stone and a half and feel WONDERFUL! I still have a way to go, but already have got a little of my mojo back. Lots of my friends and family have commented that I look ‘well’ or ‘healthy’ or ‘better’ and that is enough motivation to push on. My goal now is as it was when I embarked on this, to be a little bit fitter and trimmer than I was yesterday, every day. And it’s working!  Happy days! I mean I’m not quite back in my bikini yet, but I’m on the right track…

The one single thing that has made the biggest impact to my new lifestyle is SOUP! Instead of eating the entire kitchen when I come home and haven’t eaten all day, you know what it’s like… when all you want is something hot and filling and you want it NOW! I now pre-prepare a very healthy, filling, tasty soup and after an enormous bowl of that, I am full happy and haven’t shoved bread and rubbish into my gob.

And unusually this week, instead of sharing some of his rather more amusing antics, I would like to thank the Major – who over the last few weeks has been incredible. I leave the country and he picks up the slack at home, looks after the boys, keeps the ship on a safe course and is generally awesome. Thank you, Major Prowse; you are the best P.A/housekeeper/chauffeur/cook/babysitter in the whole wide world! x