I may have mentioned once or twice that Traitor's Gate is a really fantastic book - well here are some more people who agree:

'Brilliant! Loved it beginning to end. Traitor's Gate delivers on every level: the writing is typical top-calibre Ridpath, the pace relentless, the research impeccable, the characters compelling and beautifully crafted. Every page is a gem.'  Craig Russell

'Thought provoking and absorbing, Michael Ridpath's Traitor's Gate is a terrific alternate history thriller. It takes rare skill to inject so much suspense into a story with an outcome we thought we knew, but Ridpath's mix of wonderfully skilled plotting, fast paced narrative and atmospheric period detail combine to make this a compelling and hugely satisfying read.'  Chris Ewan

'A fascinating story, compellingly told.'  Simon Brett

'A Frederick Forsyth of our time.'  John Lawton

'Ridpath's novel carries all the hallmarks of his previous books, with the tension building ever-tighter as those brave enough try to prevent Germany spiralling towards its inevitable fate.'  Daily Mail

Read Michael Ridpath's article on how he came to wrtie the plot for Traitor's Gate here.