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‘I love this book…it’s incredibly complex, weirdly funny and just fascinating all the way through.’

‘Loved this! A bit of Jasper Fforde, a bit of X-Files, and a lot of droll action and tongue-in-cheek dialogue as we follow the heroine, Myfanwy Thomas, through her adventures. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.’

‘Just outrageously good. A rich secret world to play in and a superpowered and frequently hilarious heroine. What more can you ask from a novel? Reader, The Rook will capture you.’

The Rook is hard to pin down – it defied my expectations at every turn. A supernatural thriller wrapped around a mystery wrapped around a cleverly constructed story of self-discovery.’

‘Utterly convincing and engrossing – totally thought through and frequently hilarious. The writing is confident and fully fledged. Even this aging, jaded, attention-deficit-disordered critic was blown away.’

And did I mention that it is our second bestselling title?

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