What Have I Done? is a kindle bestseller

With 101 customer reviews, almost all of which are five star, I have been desperate to add my voice to these reviews, but didn't because I thought it might be unethical - so I am really delighted to have my say on HoZ website instead. Amanda's stories are so powerful, full of heartache but so warm and uplifting at the same time. Her heroines are ordinary women who do extraordinary things for love, and she has a knack of making her characters leap off the page - reading What Have I Done, I cried for Katherine as if she were my best friend.

The Abomination has Arrived

Welcome to the first book in an electrifying trilogy of thrillers, The Abomination is a breakneck race to uncover a secret that will rewrite history.

The Abomination will arrive in all good bookshops on 1st May, but if you would like to get your hands on an early ready copy, please email abomination@headofzeus.com telling us why you'd like to read it. 

Roll up! Roll up! And collect your EPIC free sample

Sometimes you come across a fantasy book so epically brilliant that you want to shout from the rooftops – READ THIS BOOK!

The Grim Company by Luke Scull is that book.

So we’ve created an EPIC sample to match the epic proportions (and epic excitement). It’s an epic 67% of the whole book and you can download it here.

Ask Howard Andrew Jones Anything

Ever wondered what fuels the imagination of a historical fantasy author? What sparks the creation of a whirling and rollicking swords and sorcery adventure quest? How and where do they even begin writing?

Tonight, our acclaimed fantasy writer, Howard Andrew Jones, will be answering all your questions on the regular Reddit feature, Ask Me Anything. Post all questions over on the Reddit page here.