Have you noticed that even the most difficult of days is made magnificent when topped and tailed with a bit of sunshine? Lovely.

It’s been the London Book Fair this week – lots of frenzied activity and discussion of all things booky, where those who write, print, publish, edit, sell and buy books, gather for a few days of hectic meetings, rich lunches and a glass or two of Pinot Grigio to wash away the long day…

It’s a bit like being at a wedding where you are talking to one long lost relative when another pops up at their shoulder, causing you to line up your conversations. You end up with a queue snaking away from you, all with the same thing to say

‘Lovely to see you!

‘And you!’

‘I love your new cover!’

‘Me too!’

I had a fabulous time with my agent on Monday, making plans and talking about my forthcoming books, very exciting. I then rushed to St. Christopher’s Place and had a wonderful afternoon of laughing and drinking tea with my best mate, special times. 

I have also been writing, a lot - and have nearly finished my festive novel ‘Christmas for One’ – the Major always knows when I am writing something romantic and sweet as I become very loving and smiley. This has been the case this week as my heroine romps around New York having the time of her life… it was very different when I was engrossed in What Have I Done? When he would often be greeted with a grunt or a dirty look! Poor thing.

It’s very similar to when you dream your other half has done something bad and you give them the cold shoulder upon waking – I mean we all do that right?! Only my books take a little while to write and I am so entrenched in the story that it’s like I’m in it! Luckily for the Major, this happy phase continues for at least another two chapters, he will therefore have a sunny, smiling, attentive wife until Wednesday… and then things take a bit of a turn. He has been warned.

My boys are revising and learning to drive. I don’t think there is a door that hasn’t been slammed, a stair that hasn’t been thudded upon or a swear word that hasn’t been uttered. It’s like living in a simmering stew of hormones and tension. Not that I care, I may be here in body but my mind is in New York having a lovely time, until Wednesday that is.

This week has seen the year anniversary of my beloved Nan’s death come and go. I think about her a lot but more so this week, re-playing that day in my head. We all arrived at my mum’s without prior arrangement, bringing cake and banter, our collective conscious told us to gather. And the day took on something of a celebration as we recounted, shared and laughed about our wonderful Nan. We reminded ourselves that dying in your eighties is an absolute privilege and considered just how grateful we are for the foundations she lay for us.  Still miss her though.

I am like most of the world, hypnotised by the Oscar Pistorius trial. I had no intention of watching or listening, but I am hooked. The one consistent element of admiration each and every day is the dignified way in which Reeva’s mother sits in front of him, a reminder of the beautiful, beautiful life he took. What an incredible woman. I think Mr Nel is fascinating to watch, if someone had killed my child, I would want them grilled by him. He asks the questions that we have all raised over the dining table and in coffee shops. Gripping stuff. At the end of every day and amid the spectacle, I remind myself that someone lost their life in the most horrific way and I think of Reeva.

Right, this isn’t helping my word count. A quick cup of coffee and then I shall hit the study and start tip tapping in earnest.

May your day be happy, full of sunshine and peaceful.

Today is like a little taster of the summer that feels tantalizingly within reach and even the idea of that fills my tummy with joy!

Love love

Mandy x