Paddy Power Political Book Awards 2014 Polemic of the Year

And the votes are in… Daniel Hannan has won Paddy Power’s Political Book Awards Polemic of the Year with How We Invented Freedom & Why It Matters. The awards were presented last night in glorious, 85-ft 3D at the BFI IMAX.

The judges were looking for a powerfully persuasive book that covered previously uncharted territory, sparked discussion and beguiled readers. And Daniel’s book is just that – a passionate, page-turning story of how the inhabitants of a damp island on the western tip of the Eurasian landmass stumbled upon the extraordinary idea that the state was the servant, and not the master, of the individual.

How We Invented Freedom & Why It Matters argues that this revolutionary concept is the key to the success of the English-speaking peoples and this book implores us to hold fast to that legacy, and, in our turn, to pass it intact to the next generation.

'Well written, well researched, well worth reading’ 
'A very enjoyable, engaging and robust work’ 
––Evening Standard
'Hannan sweeps us through English history with incredible ingenuity’ 
––Daily Telegraph
'Hannan creates a sparkling narrative that deserves to be read ... his rational optimism will provide not just an insightful look at the past, but also a beacon pointing to a future.’ 
––Catholic Herald
'This is a brilliant book, and among the most readable works of political theory I have ever come across. Daniel Hannan has found the key to the success of the English-speaking peoples: the unique political and legal institutions that make us what we are.'
––Andrew Roberts, author of A History of the English-Speaking Peoples
'Freedom, parliamentary democracy and equality before the law are not universal values, but products of a specific English-speaking civilization. Daniel Hannan tells the story of that civilization: the rise of parliamentary rule, the unique culture of individualism, the miracle of the common law. The Anglosphere is why Bermuda is not Haiti, why Hong Kong is not China. Here is a powerful and convincing thesis, put across in vivid, rich and enjoyable prose.'
 ––Charles Moore, official biographer of Margaret Thatcher
'A magnificent achievement. Daniel Hannan's prose coruscates, and he has a fine eye for anecdotal detail. He bestrides the Atlantic like a majestic combination of Winston Churchill and Piers Morgan'.
 ––Boris Johnson, Mayor of London
'English-speakers have invented many things, among the most important of which are not artifacts but the twin concepts of personal freedom under lawful, self-chosen government. Daniel Hannan’s book explains in layman’s language that these twin concepts – still everywhere under assault – are no flukes but derive specifically from an essentially English-speaking culture.'
––Frederick Forsyth, author of The Day of the Jackal
'Full of interesting historical nuggets, Daniel Hannan’s Inventing Freedom: How the English Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World is a lively well-written piece of advocacy for the decisive influence of the Anglosphere on world affairs.
––John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia 1996-2007
'Daniel Hannan marries a life in politics with first-class analytical writing like few others. This is yet another work of wit, elegance and outstanding insight.'
––Michael Dobbs, author of the House of Cards trilogy