Started the week in Blighty where the sun was making a valiant attempt to peek through the clouds – hope that weather has continued, it makes everything seem that bit brighter. I spent Monday with my best friend, which was lovely. It was a much-needed girl’s catch up (you know what I mean ladies) and to hear all about her crazy adventures flying planes.

I noted with dismay that my son waved me off to the airport without so much as a backward glance. As the Major pointed out, ‘what would you prefer? That he hung off your leg and cried like a toddler?’ I know the answer he wanted was ‘No of course not!’ so that’s the one I gave him, but I have to confess that I wouldn’t have minded a little bit more distress on my son’s part. Maybe not leg hugging, but a slight quake to the voice perhaps? Nah, I know, that’s not going to happen.

After a brief spell in Hong Kong, we arrived in glorious Sydney! It was lovely to go to one of our favourite coffee shops in Surry Hills, called The Goods. We were greeted with a big smile and ‘hey! Haven’t seen you for a while…’ Err well no; we’ve been in England! There is something very special about being welcomed back - it feels like coming home.

In the ten weeks since we were here last, the weather has cooled and is now more like a warm English summer rather than the fierce heat that sent temperatures soaring on our last trip. It’s quieter too, gone are the hoards of Christmas tourists, things feel a bit calmer and more spacious. We spent a precious day off at Manly beach. On our last trip there, much to the excitement of the Prowse clan, there was a shark in the water. Yesterday they ‘shut’ the sea! No swimming allowed due to the ferocious rip tides and rampant surf, beautiful to watch, but I didn’t even risk a paddle.

We bought a huge slab of watermelon and the Major’s training where he is programmed to ‘improvise, adapt and overcome’ came in very handy. We didn’t have a knife, but I watched in awe as he carved slices with his driving license. Skills. I naively asked, ‘Is that clean?’ to which he replied, ‘Yes, no points or convictions.’ Boom boom!

The hard work starts in earnest tomorrow, I have a week of interviews, radio and photo shoots where I shall be promoting A Little Love. And when I’m not working I shall be researching my next novel. It is set in Sydney and Edinburgh.

So if you see me, sitting in coffee shops, watching the world go by and staring dreamily at the décor or photographing the interiors, fear not, this is me working (honestly).