With 101 customer reviews, almost all of which are five star, I have been desperate to add my voice to these reviews, but didn't because I thought it might be unethical - so I am really delighted to have my say on HoZ website instead. Amanda's stories are so powerful, full of heartache but so warm and uplifting at the same time. Her heroines are ordinary women who do extraordinary things for love, and she has a knack of making her characters leap off the page - reading What Have I Done, I cried for Katherine as if she were my best friend.

She treats really difficult subjects - in this case domestic abuse - with such sympathy and understanding. I would like to second the Amazon reviewer who said, with beautiful simplicity, "every woman should read this book. That's all."

Laura Palmer, Editorial Director

What Have I Done? is now number 3 in the Kindle Bestsellers. To read more about the book everyone is talking about click below or here for a sample first chapter. We hope love this book as much as we do.