Welcome to the first book in an electrifying trilogy of thrillers, The Abomination is a breakneck race to uncover a secret that will rewrite history.

The Abomination will arrive in all good bookshops on 1st May, but if you would like to get your hands on an early ready copy, please email abomination@headofzeus.com telling us why you'd like to read it. 

I WAS HOOKED from the very first page, where a murdered woman is washed up from the Grand Canal in the middle of one of Venice's masked carnivals. What starts as a chilling murder mystery becomes the unravelling of a conspiracy so disturbingly plausible it sends shivers down your spine. This is a book with a gripping plot, complex characters and a moral core – the last time I felt this way about a submission, it was the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.'

Laura Palmer, Editorial Director

As Venice celebrates the feast of the Epiphany, the freezing midnight tide washes an unwelcome cargo up onto the steps of Santa Maria della Salute. The body of a woman, wearing the robes of a Catholic priest – as the Church would have it, an abomination.

This is Captain Kat Tapo’s first murder case, and it’s already sent a chill deep into her soul. A tattoo on the victim’s wrist matches graffiti in an abandoned lunatic asylum on an uninhabited island. Arcane symbols hint at rites by female cults. Then a journalist investigating war crimes at a nearby US Army base is found dead – and Kat's case is immediately shut down.

Venice has always been a city of spies. Centuries ago, citizens hid their identity behind ornate carnival masks. Now, they log on to Carnivia, an encrypted virtual Venice where anonymity is absolute. If Kat plunges into the dark web, she will have no protection from her badge or rank – only from her unlikely alliances with a reclusive computer hacker and a young American intelligence officer. But she has to find the truth: Did this woman die for what she believed? Or for what she knew?

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