You can really tell that publishing is an industry of passion. At the London Book Fair this week I feel surrounded by enthusiasm and in a business that is up and down like a rollercoaster, with high stakes and big losses, the levels of passion and hope definitely isn't waning.

I am very inspired by the women in publishing. I make it my business to learn from them; to take on board their steely determination, talent and yet warm-hearted approach to this tough business. And here at HoZ there is no better role model than Editorial Director Laura Palmer who has just been shortlisted for the Kim Scott Walwyn prize 2013.

This is very important award. It is one step closer to acknowledging the huge success of women in the business, and young women at that. Brought about to honour the life and career of Kim Scott Walwyn it has been awarded since 2003 to women who have worked in publishing for up to seven years and made a huge impact. This may well be scoring huge bestsellers or creating something truly innovative but we shouldn’t underestimate the impact they have on other younger women entering the industry. If it wasn’t for Laura’s kindness on my very first day working as an assistant several years ago, her strong advice when times got hard or her encouragement when I was moving upwards, I’m not sure I would have made it quite so far so fast in my own career.

As a publicist, by nature I fiercely champion all my authors and staff in prizes such as this but I can’t help but feel delighted by the level of stiff competition Laura faces on this shortlist. Juliet Mushens of The Agency Group, Laura Austin of BookMachine and Miriam Robinson at Foyles are highly talented women who make it clear that this year the Kim Scott Walwyn shortlist means business. Women and especially young women in publishing are stronger than ever. They are raising the game.

I take great heart in seeing the Kim Scott Walwyn list today and the victory of one of our own making the shortlist. Best of luck to all shortlisted women, but especially our Laura!