Yesterday the urbane and charming George Tiffin - screenwriter, director, novelist and now ace non-fiction author - came to the office to meet HoZ's marketing and publicity team and to talk about All the Best Lines: Golden Words from the Silver Screen. George has scoured the archives for 750 of the very best movie lines, has interspersed them with anecdotes and one-liners, plus feature articles exploring themes as diverse as opening lines, last lines, the womanizing of James Bond, the art of screenwriting, the art of the cameo role from Hitchcock to Tarantino, and the career of Woody Allen. He has created something really special - a kind of informal history of the movies in quotes, notes and anecdotes. 

The varied content makes the book a treat to browse, and that browsing is enhanced by the book looking fabulous too, with a cool, film-script-style typographic layout and 120 fabulous images from the Kobal Collection.

For me, a lot of the appeal of the book resides in its mood-based structure. The quotes are presented not as a dry A to Z or other arid listing, but in a sequence of mood-based chapters that reflect the themes, the human drama and the eternal magic of the movies: these themes include vamps, bruisers, tears, dreams, memories, love, libido, friends, partners, heroes, zeroes, monsters, war, power, endings. All of life is here! 

In fact, I wouldn't mind finding All the Best Lines in my Christmas stocking...

George Tiffin's All the Best Lines: Golden Words from the Silver Screen will be published in hardback and ebook on 1 October 2013.