Using a Book as the MacGuffin of Our Book The Lawless Land

Every thriller has to have someone or something that all the characters are desperate to get their hands on. Alfred Hitchcock popularized the term “MacGuffin” as the desired object or person that drives the plot of a story. The Holy Grail, the Maltese Falcon, and the Ark of the Covenant are three of the most famous examples. For our historical thriller The Lawless Land, we decided to make a priceless manuscript the MacGuffin.

Lesley Thomson's Inspiration Behind Stella Darnell and Jack Harmon From The Detective's Daughter Series

Stella Darnell is the detective’s daughter. Her dad, Terry Darnell, a CID officer with the Met police, was keen for Stella to follow his footsteps. But Stella believes The Job got the best of her father and is determined it won’t get her too. She starts Clean Slate and devotes herself to her favourite occupation, deep cleaning.