The HoZ Advent Calendar: #HoZmasBooks

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It's only 24 days away… and it's our first one. To celebrate the impending arrival of Christmas, we're delighted to present the HoZ advent calendar. Over the next three and a half weeks, we're lining up a tempting selection of great reads at incredible prices. Starting tomorrow, we'll be offering one ebook a day at just £1 or less. The book of the day will be available to buy at your e-retailer of choice.

Place Your Bets

On any one working day in the world of publishing there are probably a dozen or more auctions in progress. We live in a casino where bets are placed, books won and lost, tears shed in joy or disappointment. It’s exciting, dangerous and perhaps addictive, especially for the smaller players who could damage the company below the waterline if they make a big mistake.

Shadows in the Night

We were at the launch of Shadows in the Night last night, kindly laid on by the good people of Waterstone's York. Shadows in the Night is the first in the Aurelia Marcella series of mysteries set on the remote and restless border of the Roman Empire -- that's Yorkshire to you and I -- at the end of the first century AD.

It's All in the Name

I've been sitting in a darkened room, rocking quietly back and forth, since Broadhurst, doyenne of The Bookseller's Paperback Previews, described our company in her column as "the ludicrously named Head of Zeus". It's probably not a good idea to bandy words with Sarah B, whose occasional acidity is more than matched by her acuity. But I shall make a full and frank confession of how our name came to be.

Eye to Eye with Mr. Bezos

If you have problems trying to get to sleep, close your eyes and try counting all the imprints, UK and US, which will form part of the Penguin Random House merger.

It's a scary experience. The answer is somewhere north of 100. But don't panic, even if you are, as we are, an independent with just one imprint to your name. The merged company will be a behemoth, but it might just turn out to be one that benefits the publishing industry as a whole.

The Die is Cast

Starting a new publishing company is a definitely a bi-polar experience. Highs of optimism and elation, followed by lows of doubt and apprehension.

HoZ's Abomination

Laura Palmer, Fiction Editorial Director at Head of Zeus, has just acquired World Rights in THE CARNIVIA TRILOGY by Jonathan Holt in a substantial six-figure pre-empt with Caradoc King from AP Watt.

The trilogy is comprised of THE ABOMINATION, THE ABDUCTION, and THE ATROCITY, three dazzling, multi-layered thrillers set in modern-day Venice.